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Position Partners investing in best of breed infrastructure for the future with AllDayRTK

Position Partners is investing in the expertise, infrastructure and research to future proof the AllDayRTK national Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network solution.

Position Partners has teamed up with Ricoh, a leader in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, to design and implement a new processing platform to improve the AllDayRTK national CORS network. The main aim of this collaboration is to minimise the latency, or time of processing, when computing very large amounts of CORS data.

Hyperconverged architecture is hardware that can combine the processing resources of CPU/RAM with the storage device into a single hardware unit. The platform reduces the amount of data flow between different hardware elements (such as servers and storage devices) because all these devices are physically on the same hardware platform.

This new platform is now processing Position Partners’ aspect of the National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI). It is also being used in a national research project to provide better real-time ionospheric modelling to further improve positioning services in the future.

The combination of a new processing platform and NPI CORS stations to compute real-time ionospheric corrections has reduced the processing times, with latency measured in milliseconds.

Ricoh initially provided Position Partners with virtualisation testing before migrating to the production platform where it now provides IT services and multiple carrier options, resulting in the fastest run times for multiple applications. Ricoh also provides back-up fault tolerance services via high-speed network links between data centres.

Ricoh ensures that the infrastructure can scale for growth while storage management has been greatly streamlined.

“Position Partners has managed to reduce processing times for computing national ionospheric models by more than 50% which is particularly beneficial for machine automation applications because it provides a higher quality of service.” said James Millner, Positioning Infrastructure Manager, Position Partners.

“The benefit to users are epoch by epoch ambiguity resolution for each site resulting in optimum positioning accuracy. The continual investments in core network processing capability and research potential will ensure the continual enhancement of our customers experience.” Said Martin Nix CEO of Position Partners

For more information about the AllDayRTK national CORS network solution, contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266 or visit

For more information about the Ricoh Infrastructure solutions, contact Ricoh IT Services on 13 RICOH or visit

For a free 30 day trial of AllDayRTK, visit

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