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Line Marking robot | Tiny Surveyor

Tiny Surveyor robotic pre-marker tool now available from Position Partners

Line Marking robot | Tiny Surveyor

Position Partners to exclusively distribute the Tiny Surveyor robotic pre-marker tool, across Australia and New Zealand.

Geospatial solutions provider Position Partners announces an exclusive distribution agreement with TinyMobileRobots, the Danish company that builds high-precision, reliable outdoor robots. The new partnership will see Position Partners exclusively distribute the Tiny Surveyor robotic pre-marker tool throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Tiny Surveyor is a robotic pre-marker tool that saves time, increases safety and enables the user to mark out road lines automatically. It is reliable and repeatable with 2-3cm accuracy and versatile enough to accommodate different spray can sizes.

With the ability to interface to any GNSS as well as Topcon and Sokkia total stations for precise height measurements, the Tiny Surveyor is a versatile and reliable tool that works for eight hours on a single charge.

The Tiny Surveyor is able to work autonomously, once the design file has been uploaded via USB the Tiny Surveyor completes the marking work and its light blinks blue when the job has been completed.

A full-function, long range remote control panel enables the user to stay in control at all times and its high weatherproof rating ensures the Tiny Surveyor can work in even the toughest environments.

“The Tiny Surveyor is a unique piece of equipment,” said Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO. “This exciting, new fully autonomous robotic pre-marker tool both increases safety and makes marking significantly faster than marking out on foot.”

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