Tokara awarded Technology Release of the Year 2013

Position Partners took home the ‘Technology Release of the Year’ award at this year’s Earthmover & Civil Contractor awards. The accolade was given to Tokara Link | Remote AccessPosition Partners for its remote support and telematics solution, Tokara.

“Tokara was developed specifically for Australian contractors,” said Tokara product manager Aaron Krenske. “We recognised our customers’ need to get fast, remote support wherever they are working and we engineered a solution to meet that demand. We are thrilled to win this award as it confirms we are doing the right thing by our customers.”

Tokara Service enables instant remote support for 3D GPS machine control systems, allowing project managers or Position Partners technicians to log on to the control box in the cab to format settings, update software, or provide further training to the operator in real time. This saves critical downtime by reducing the need to call out a support technician and empowers the project manager by giving him more control at his fingertips.

Tokara Site, powered by Topcon’s SiteLink 3D, gives project managers and surveyors even more control over the job site with real-time connectivity to all machine control systems and survey rovers in the field. All machines can be kept running on the latest design file using instant file transfer from the office, improving safety by eliminating the need for a surveyor to physically walk over to the machine with a design file on a USB drive.

The manager can get real-time reports on cut/fill volumes from each of the machines and keep track of the earthworks progress on a daily basis.

Now Tokara Service offers more sophisticated support than ever before, with the ability to keep track of the machine’s historical position data and firmware versions. By knowing the machine control system’s history, support technicians can proactively diagnose the system and resolve potential problems before they arise.

By tracking the serial number and historical positioning data, Position Partners is able to accurately track a device’s last known location to improve site attendance efficiency and to find any lost or stolen equipment.

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