Topcon Total Station from Position Partners helps start-up surveying company to minimise risks and increase efficiency

Rob Lyon, Registered Surveyor and Director, ARP Surveyors, an expanding start-up business focussing on cadastral surveys and engineering surveying has been using the Topcon Total Station from Position Partners for the past 12 months for all his cadastral surveying purposes.

Mr Lyon initially purchased this instrument due to ease of use and the quality of support provided by Position Partners.

“It was the simplest system I could find with the best offer in respect to support, which is especially important when it comes to the use of a new instrument and getting the job done,” said Mr Lyon.

Topcon Total Station improves systems and processes  

After implementing the Topcon Total Station, Mr Lyon found that he was able to improve his systems and processes in the business to maximise the best and most efficient product to his clients.

“I have seen the ability to remove the opportunity to make mistakes and to work alone and get more done,” said Mr Lyon.

“Being a start-up business, I have found this technology has allowed me to minimise risk by only requiring the employment of myself. The workflow is simple and can be synced through the cloud, remote support services accessed via the internet make work much simpler and effective.”

Mr Lyon has also found that the Topcon Total Station has integrated seamlessly with his previous workflows, streamlining and improving productivity.

Service and support helps get the job done accurately and efficiently

The quality of service and support available, is something that Mr Lyon places a lot of importance on when purchasing new instruments and technology.

“The most important thing in business is getting the job completed accurately and efficiently for the customer,” said Mr Lyon.

“Having the support team in the Position Partners office when on site puts my mind at ease, because when I have issues/questions they are always there to help and are happy to do so.”

Mr Lyon has also found the support offered by his account manager David Banks and the support team has helped reduce any nerves he has around implementing new equipment and the potential for it to initially slow down his processes, especially because he uses the Tokara remote access from Position Partners.

“With the support offered by David and the team it is reassuring to know if I do get stuck they are only a phone call away with the ability to tap into my tablet with Tokara,” said Mr Lyon.

“David has come out multiple times to patiently assist me in setting up my systems and process and the team in the support centre have been able to help me with the minor issues efficiently ever time.”

“My advice to other business is that they should jump on board! Change is something that most people don’t like and get nervous with,” said Mr Lyon.

“Tokara remote access and the support that comes from Position Partners should remove those nerves because once you embrace the systems and technology, your job will become much easier and simpler, that it is a move I know you will not regret!

Topcon total station | ARP Surveyors

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