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Which loader scale system should I get?

Whether you’re using a wheel loader, excavator, skid steer or telehandler, we have a range of hydraulic machine scales and on-board weighing solutions to ensure you optimise your loading and most importantly keep an accurate record of the types and quantities of material you have moved.

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Wheel Loader Scales System

Reduce wasted material and wear on your machines with Loadmaster loader scale solutions. Choose from the industry-leading Loadmaster Alpha 100 system, which comes with full-featured options including reversing camera, on-board printer and the choice of a trade approved upgrade, or the economical Alpha 50 model with colour touchscreen, individual product targets to ensure correct loading and live last bucket ‘tip off’ at the pile or above the truck.

  • Static and dynamic weighing modes means the system can keep up with the machine and weigh on the lift
  • Advanced oil temperature compensation on the Alpha 100 maintains accuracy throughout the day when the machine is idle, moving or working hard
  • Ensures accurate record keeping, traceability and stock management – reduce waste and minimise risk to your business
  • ISOSYNC software for the Alpha 100 model to communicate between the office and machines with sophisticated reporting tools

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 system is also suitable for use as forklift truck scales and reach stacker scales.

Wheel Loader Scales | Loadmaster A100 | Position Partners

Compact Loader Scales Systems

Ideal for trailer loading, batch blending or check weighing, the Weighlog Alpha 10 solution offers modern touchscreen technology and a user-friendly interface for compact loader machines.

  • Set individual target loads to ensure correct loading
  • Large database storage for accurate records and QA requirements
  • Load accumulation for up to 10 attachments for maximum flexibility

The Weighlog Alpha 10 is also ideally suited for telehandler scales, skid steer scales and rigid dump truck scales.

Excavator Scales Systems

For excavators, the Loadex 100 system is a comprehensive and full-featured solution that delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Reduce your Chain of Responsibility risk and ensure you load the right material, the right way, with Loadex 100 excavator scales.

  • Dynamic weighing technology uses inclinometers and a mechanical sensor to guarantee accuracy no matter what the job
  • Hydraulic oil temperature compensation maintains reliability even when the machine is idle, has been working for long periods or is just starting the day
  • Target load and GPS product recognition
  • Complex technology, in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with large, full colour touchscreen

Loader scale systems


Here’s a quick table to outline all the options for RDS Loadmaster machine scales:

 APPLICATIONS Loadmaster α100 Weighlog α10 Loadmaster α50 Loadex 100 Isosync
Check weighing
Vehicle loading
Pallet weighing
Trade approved
Stock & customer management
Trailer weighing
FEATURES Loadmaster α100  Weighlog α10  Loadmaster α50  Loadex 100 Isosync
Colour touchscreen
SQL database
XML data output
GPRS & WiFi connectivity
GPS product recognition
Reversing camera option
Overload warning
Overload logging
Live last bucket
Target weight
Load accumulation auto/man auto/man auto/man auto/man
Lift speed compensation
Slope compensation
Temperature compensation
Attachments 10 10 10 10
Printer option
Telemetry option
SD card data transfer
USB data transfer
Scanner/RFID tag input option
Accuracy (+/- %) 1% 2% 2% 3%



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