FC-5000/FC-6000 Anti-Glare Screen Protector 2 Pack

FC-5000/FC-6000 Anti-Glare Screen Protector 2 Pack

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JAVOedge Anti-Glare Screen Protector is the best and inexpensive way to prevent scratch and smudge-proof your handheld devices. Our JAVOScreen Protector keeps your screen always looking new. Anti-Glare screen protector is the perfect compromise between visual clarity and anti glare properties. Features a 3-layer construction structure. The top layer is a special matte finishing which allows an incredible amount of light through while still retaining it’s anti reflective properties. The middle layer is an armor layer that shields your screen from scratches. The last layer is a silicon compound, which adheres to your screen without leaving sticky residue.

  • Strategically cut to perfectly fit your device
  • Smudge and dust resistant while it repels oil and debris
  • Special matte finish layer refracts light to eliminates a great deal of glare
  • Guards your sensitive device from unexpected scratches
  • Soft nylon cloth and installation card tool included

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