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Topcon HT-30

New automatic haul count system from Topcon

Topcon’s new HT-30 is a simple yet highly efficient system that automates haul counting and facilitates the management and tracking of material payloads across a project. The system features a small, portable, GPS-enabled control box that mounts into the haul truck cab.

As the truck is loaded, data including material type, driver details and load quantity is input into the system. The load is then integrated into Position Partners’ remote site management interface, Tokara Site (powered by Topcon SiteLink3D). Using Tokara Site, engineers and construction managers can track each load in real time for scheduling, rerouting and recording once delivery is made.

“Topcon’s HT-30 system eliminates the need for manual counting and paper-based haul progress reporting,” explained Joel Seddon, Machine Control Product Manager at Position Partners, Topcon’s Australian distributor. “Engineers have live haul information delivered straight to the office in real time, allowing them to monitor progress more efficiently and make proactive decisions.”

Topcon HT-30 is extremely user-friendly, with a bright full colour screen and simple one-button operation to record new a new load or report a delivery. Operators can view a map to see where they are on site, check cycle times and average distances or time of hauls.

Haul truck operators and engineers can send and receive messages to one another using the in-cab control box and Tokara Site office software.

“Traditionally engineers and construction managers don’t know what material has been moved and where until the data is manually entered at the end of the day or week,” Mr Seddon said. “By removing the two step process of manual recording by the operator and manual data entry in the office, they know if the project is on track, running behind or ahead of schedule.

“Real time data eliminates human error and enables better planning,” he added.

By connecting haul trucks to Tokara Site, project managers and engineers can view all trucks and all Topcon machine control enabled machines in real time. “If you can see where plant is in real time you can make informed decisions on how to reallocate resources as required,” Mr Seddon said.

The Topcon HT-30 system can be used as a standalone haul solution with Tokara Site. Alternatively, haul reporting can be integrated with DynaRoad scheduling software for seamless project reporting and planning.


By Gina Velde

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