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Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Grade Laser

New Topcon Grade Laser Offers Accuracy And Range For Big Jobs

Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Grade Laser for sale or hire

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has released the RL-SV2S, a new dual grade, long-range, self-levelling construction laser incorporating multi-use features.

According to Ben Davis, National Construction Product Manager with national Topcon distributor Position Partners, the RL-SV2S is capable of handling any general construction or engineering project, including earthmoving and site preparation.

“With an operating range of 800 metres diameter, it has the power to cover even the biggest job sites,” he said.

“Designed for multiple types of applications, this laser can be used in horizontal, single grade, dual grade or vertical job applications.

“The RL-SV2S is also ideal for machine control applications,” Davis said.

It handles slopes up to ±15 degrees and can be used in either the X or Y axis. For added versatility, it can be turned on its side and used for layout and alignment.

“A user just needs to lay it down on the built-in mount or attach it to a tripod and the laser will electronically self-level for fast and accurate vertical applications.”

He said the laser incorporated a range of features, designed to give users increased efficiency on the job, including long battery life (100 hours/alkaline and 60 hours/rechargeable Ni-MH), height-of-instrument alert and electronic beam-masking shutters.

“All these features can be accessed through the front control panel or using the remote control device that comes standard,” said Davis.

“The remote radio controller has the same interface as the RL-SV2S itself, so it’s familiar straight away.”

The RL-SVS2 also includes Topcon’s LS-80L 11-channel receiver as standard, complete with graduating arrow and dual LCD screens.

“In addition, the laser has been designed to be extremely rugged, with large ergonomic handles, so it can take the bangs and bumps that inevitably occur on job sites.”

The RL-SV2S also features industry-leading environment proofing including a water/dustproof rating of IP66 and operating temperatures from -20C to +50C.

Davis said the new laser was the latest in a long line of high quality economically priced laser transmitters from Topcon.

“These Topcon lasers combine high performance with lower cost, plus users will quickly realise the additional in-built value of this instrument through its versatility and time savings.

“And as with all Topcon lasers now, the new RL-SV2S comes backed by Topcon’s industry-leading five-year warranty as standard, when purchased through an authorised distributor in Australia,” said Davis.

“This gives contractors peace of mind that the product they are investing in is built to last, with quality Japanese manufacturing.”

Further information (Australia): Position Partners, ph 1300 TOPCON (1300 867 266), email, website

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