Topcon announces integrated mass data processing software

Manet collage

Topcon Positioning Group announces its MAGNET® system of software solutions has expanded to offer a package designed to consolidate and facilitate the working environment for point cloud data processing and visualisation — MAGNET Collage.

The system offers an “all-in-one” solution for professionals using laser scanners, mobile mapping devices, modern paving scanners, and traditional surveying instruments.

“With MAGNET Collage, mass data users with multiple sensors, such as mobile and static instruments, can stay in one software environment to process point cloud data and imagery,” said Jason Hallett, vice president of Topcon global product management. “Traditionally, each mass data sensor would require standalone software. Now with Collage, processing can be completed more quickly by combining all the raw scanning data into one holistic 3D environment.”

The system uses advanced matching and ground control functionality for quicker results. “Collage lets users rely on automatic cloud matching with ground control, instead of going through the process of manually matching multiple clouds,” said Hallett.

Collage is designed to offer up to eight times faster processing of scan data than previously available solutions.

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