What’s new with Tokara?

Our custom-built telematics platform designed specifically for the Australian construction industry is constantly evolving to deliver customers greater functionality, increased visibility of their assets and better support than ever before.

Tokara enables Position Partners technicians to login remotely to any Topcon machine control system or survey tablet to diagnose technical problems, update software and train the operator in a real-world environment. In most cases this eliminates the need for a technician to visit the site, greatly reducing wait times, saving money and keeping your equipment in optimal running condition.

Tokara also gives project managers and surveyors the ability to remotely transfer design files to site assets without having to visit them in person, view what machines and assets are online or offline, see latest position information and track recent movements, and more.  Here are a few of the new features available in Tokara, make sure you’re making full use of them!

One to many file transfers
This feature has been around for some time, but not all customers are aware of it. For larger jobs when multiple machines and survey crews are working to the same design, users can instantly transfer the latest file to all assets simultaneously, or to a certain group of assets, with a One to Many transfer. Customers can also create and manage asset groups within the Tokara Customer Portal.

Advanced reporting including Audit Reports
Customers can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or one-off reports for all assets to show time online, dates and location information. Summary reports or detailed reports are also available depending on your requirements. We also have a new Tokara Audit Report available that provides the following information:

  • Time last seen
  • Last position
  • Subscription data
  • SIM card ID
  • Modem serial number
  • GPS serial number
  • GPS firmware version

Enhanced map functionality
The Tokara Customer Portal now lets users overlay KML line work for a job, view signal strength (current and historic) and nearby AllDayRTK base station locations in an easy to read map format. You can switch each feature on or off to view multiple aspects simultaneously or one at a time.

A virtual ruler allows the user to measure the distance from an AllDayRTK base station to your chosen location, allowing you to gauge coverage signal for your project.

Secure back-up to protect your machine systems
If the worst happened and your machine control system was stolen or irrecoverably damaged, Tokara gives you peace of mind that your machine build data is secure no matter what! Machine build information is sent to a secure server daily so that if required, we can provide you with a new control box complete with the last machine build on record. Without the need for a technician to calibrate your machine on site, you can be back up and running in no time with minimal cost and time damages.

No software installs required!
You no longer need to download software to your computer to be able to run the Tokara Agent and connect to your on-site assets. It’s just one less thing to keep updating with new software versions and take up room on your hard drive. It’s all web-based now, to make life easier.

Online alerts
Tokara users can create and manage online alerts to notify them when certain assets are connected to the service. This can be particularly useful for missing equipment or in areas with poor cell coverage.

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