Optimal service, repair and maintenance to minimise downtime, maximising your profitability

Poor service, repair and maintenance cost surveying businesses increased downtime, reduced productivity and unplanned extra expense. When running on tight margins, these are potential risks businesses simply cannot afford.

At Position Partners, we’ve got your back

With Position Partners, however, you’re in expert hands. We know if things stop working, it takes a huge business toll. Our business philosophy is to increase your workforce productivity and reduce any downtime through incredible service and support. We work to streamline your workflow practises, enabling you and your teams to work productively, profitably and efficiently in-field with full real-time office connectivity and support.

World-class service, repair and maintenance centres across Australia, NZ and SE Asia

We provide you with state-of-the-art surveying hardware and software with ultimate usability, flexibility and durability, backed up by world-class dedicated service and support through expert advice and training. Every one of our support centres is a service centre and workshop, too, meaning there are always specialists on hand to help you out with any of your equipment functionality, servicing and repair enquiries. Every service support centre has dedicated geospatial and civil teams ready to help out with the latest in advice and recommendations.

Our unique hardware maintenance program protects you against large repair costs

Unlike other providers, we ensure you’re fully covered thanks to our fixed-fee hardware maintenance program. Unlike other products that come with minimal warranties, we gauge your business service and repair requirements up front – whether you’re renting or purchasing equipment. We then customise the ideal ongoing service, maintenance and repair package solution at a fixed price to ensure you’re covered against the unpleasant surprise of unforeseen and unbudgeted costs.

You’ll benefit from extended warranties, a yearly check-up and service across all your equipment. Our tiered solution offerings are cost-effective and easy to choose from, giving you complete control over your equipment finances and peace of mind you’ll be getting the best support out there.

Remote login accessibility for fast troubleshooting, saving downtime and cost

If you’re facing a hardware or software problem, simply call one of our wide range of service, support and training centres Australia, NZ and SE Asia wide. Every one of our team members has been trained across our full range of products. Thanks to our award-winning Tokara remote access technology, we can remotely log in to your system, wherever you are, and quickly run through our diagnostic process. By remote troubleshooting, we can resolve your query as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your working day. With our unique Tokara remote access capability, we have the ability to provide you with a solution easily, in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Readily-accessible state-of-the-art equipment for when you need it

Our philosophy at Position Partners is to equip our customers with maximum support to enable maximum productivity. Say you’re in rural Australia and need a repair or service carried out to your surveying equipment. Thanks to our wide network of support and service centres, we can freight out identical loan equipment to your existing hardware, allowing your business to run as usual with zero loss in productivity. We pride ourselves on keeping our rental fleet as modern as possible. All you need do Is send us your equipment via our trusted courier network and we’ll take care of the service or repair in record turnaround times. We go to the next level to deliver solutions to our customers, whatever the issue, and wherever you’re located.

Top-quality, fully-functioning rentals and trade-in options

As all product maintenance plans include regular servicing, you can enjoy guaranteed trade-ins. Thanks to our rigorous servicing checks, rest assured that all your equipment – whether rental or purchased – will arrive fully-functioning, factory-specified and ready to go. We can support you remotely via Tokara to calibrate and culminate your instruments. Or, we can send one of our in-field technicians to help you in-field if you need.

With great coverage across every time zone in Australiasia, we’ve got you and your service, maintenance and repair needs 100% covered to ensure your equipment stays in peak condition. Contact our expert teams today to find out how we can help support your survey equipment needs.

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